Revenue Circulars

Order Reference
Payment of Interest on security deposited by other than large Industrial consumers.
Stop Accepting cash payment exceeding Rs. 20,000/- against energy bills.
Subsidy component to Subsidized categories of agriculture consumers in tariff for retail supply of electricity- RERC tariff order dt. 22,9.2OL6.
Regarding instraction for SBBJ POS terminals in the selected sub-divisons
Reagrding settlement of dues of Urban Cess and public street light in Electricitiys bills of Urban consumers
Corrigendum in JPD6-443 for Billing of consumers having Net Metering and Grid Connectivity of the Grid connected rooftop & Small Solar Photovoltaic System
Adjustment of urban cess against PSL bills of urban bodies
"Amnesty Scheme" for disconnected consumers of all categories(disconnected upto or prior 31.03.2015) for realization of outstanding dues
Billing of consumers having Net Metering and Grid Connectivity of the Grid connected rooftop & Small Solar Photovoltaic System
Writing off outsatnding dues upto Rs. 500
Waiver of LPS/DPS amount against outstanding dues of Governmnet Departments/undertaking
Directions regarding MIS 3.1
Regarding MIS 3.1 & MIS 3.2
Waiver of LPS/DPS amount against outstanding dues Governmnet Departments/undertakings
Regarding payment of outstanding Electricity bills against PHED
Instruction regarding recovering of remaining amount from consumer and EESL against the LED Bulb given to consumer
Directions for AENs and AROs regarding CB-4 and CB-15
Regarding rebate of 10 paisa per unit is to be allowed to those consumers who opt for prepaid metering system
Directions regarding meter reading for reducing distribution losses
Directions regarding conversion of Government Connections into Prepaid Meter .
Instructions regarding "assistanace amount" to agricultural consumers who are assisting in deposition of the burnt transformer with the concerned AEN.
Instructions regarding monitoring of billing relating work, meter reading cash collection work etc.
New letter code for billing of temporary supply consumers under Part III of Tariff through billing software.
Payment of Interest on security deposited by other than large Industrial Consumers.
It is edjoined upon all concerned to ensure that all the stopped/defective meters of SIP and MIP consumers including Public water connections are replaced by the dates advised by the RERC and as on date mentioned in this order.
Instructions conveyed for compliance regarding implementation of the JPR5-751 and JPR5-753(Commercial Circular) of reimbursement of Energy Bills by state Government for small and marginal farmer affected by the hail storm whose crop have been destroyed 50% or more.
Rebate allowed for installing time switches/timers to switch off street lights during day hours have been withdrwan in "tariff for supply of electricity-2015
Withdrawn of 5% rebate to such consumers(Except agriculture) whose meters remain stopped/defective more than 12 months from the date of its detection
Allowing exemption for levy of electricity duty, water conservation cess and urban cess to the recognized educational intitutions
To ensure that discount of the 10 percent in energy charges should not be given to Rural domestic consumer in villages where electricty is supplied more than the bolck hours
Ensuing of correctness of MIS 3.1
To ensure correct working of billing agencies at sub-division , division and circle level, the lsited point are edjoined upon all concerned officers/sub- divisional officers
Data relating to payments received by the subdivisions from e-Mitra is not entered in the computer system at subdivision level w.e.f. 01.01.2015
Delay in issue of first bills to consumers
Regarding replacement of stopped/defective meters on priority and provide monthly performa in enclosed format
Non updation of post audit exception bills in the system
The transaction code 75 is alloted with immediate effect to allow debit/credit to be allowed to the agriculture(metered) consumer for installing three star rating & above pumpsets with the sprinkler sets
The tarrif code 1300 prescribed for billing of unmetered connections: under domestic category is hereby withdrawn with immediate effect
Consequent upon insertion of column to 35A to 35E in the revised MIS 3.1 and insertion of column 12A to 12E in the revised journal voucher for assessment (debit side)
The new letter codes are hereby prescribed for suffixing at 6th place of the 6 digit Tarrif code in case of tariff provisions for non-domestic, medium industrial and mixed laod consumers having LT supply and sanctioned connected laod above 25 HP(18.65 KW).
The transaction code 48 is advised through input advice CB 4/15 only
Regarding issuing of the correct Bills
All the billing officers are hereby directed to ensure the balances od SDC(23.01) and Bank(24.301) are no more subtracted or reversed in the PCB
The transaction codes are hereby prescribed with immediate effect in view to allow debit/credit in consumers bills and also compile information of above in seperate head
The transaction codes are hereby prescribed with immediate effect in view to allow debit/credit in consumers bills and also compile information of above in seperate head
Payment of interest on security deposited by other than large industrial consumer
Instruction to the officeres to ensure the correct billing of the consumers through new billing software
Analysis of energy consumption in case of defective/ disconnected meters of agriculture meters
5% rebate is to be allowed through billing software to such consumers (excluding agriculture) , whose meters remained stopped / defective for more than twelve months from he date of its detection and instructions for the officers for complaints of it dated: 12.05.2014
Order regarding acceptance of amount of notice of Demand through Demand Drafts/Pay Order/ Banker's Cheque payable at local Station and drawn in favour of the sub-division concerned or in cash, as per the option of the consumer/applicant according to the clause 9 of TCOS-2004 dated 16.04.2014
As per the order No. JPD/SE(Comml.) C.1/F.4(236)Pt.II/D.07/ dt.03.04.14(JPR5-723) amount of energy bills for small and marginal farmers affected by hailstorm and their crops destroyed more than 50 % will be reimbursed by the state govt.for the billing month of NovFeb,14 dated 15.04.2014
Instruction to all concerned officers for improving monitoring of the billing work dated 10.04.2014
Instruction to all concerned officers regarding collection of mobile no for providing of various value added e-information services to the consumers dated 09.04.2014
Clarification of fixed charges of domenstic and non-domestic consumers dated 09.04.2014
Instructions for strict compliance by all concerned regarding issuing of incorrect bills dated 31.03.2014
TCOS-2004 (Ammended upto December-2012)
Orders regarding measures to improve revenue growth by ensuring timely billing of consumers who get connected to grid but their billing yet not started. dated 26.02.2014
Orders regarding replacement of defective meters of the high tariff consumer on top most priority dated 24.02.2014
Orders regarding to implement proper/ correct billing and proper revenue recovery by the respective employees for the speedy revenue recovery and increase in revenue dated 20.02.2014
Orders regarding proper checking of Exception Report by the respective ARO's/AEN's and Commercial Assistant dated 19.02.2014
Orders regarding issuing of correct bills dated 13.02.2014
Instruction regarding compliance of Nigam order no. 2595 dated 20.12.2013 (REO-241)
Regarding 100% Electricity duty exemption
Order regarding modification of procedures prescribed for facillitating the consumers for payment of energy bills through RTGS vide office order no 3189 dated 18.02.2008 (JPD-6/259 )
Order regarding the issuance of Agricultural connections and with the three star or more than three star rating pumpsets certified by the BEE.
Conversions of "Farm House" connections .
Payment of interest on security deposited by other than large industrial consumers
Circular regarding to monitor the matter of affixing rubber seal on energy bill by Kiosk holders
Circular regarding action taken for problems raised in online payment
Order to ensure the correctness of computer agencies records, regarding consumer deposited amounts, by Revenue officer and Asstt. Engineer
Order regarding to provide CB-15 to the billing agencies
Order regarding removal of operational difficulties of LSPs/SCAs/DeGS
Instructions to implement the order no JPD / SE(Comml) C.1 / F4 (236) Pt.II / D.414 dt 28.02.2013(JPR5-693) regearding reimbursment of amount of energy bills of small & marginal farmers affected by hailstorm by State Govt. for the billing month of Nov, 12 to Feb,13.
Order regarding withdrawal of letter codes U, V and W from billing database
recovery of old arrears from PDC consumers under EUDR ACt and LR Act and honorarium thereof
Order regarding commercial order no. JPR5-676
Corrigendum in office order no. JPD6-364
The mentioned subdivision code under column 4 for the corresponding subdivision may be treated as deemed to be allowed to the respective subdivisions.
The average units and amount thereof already billed in the previous billing month should be adjusted without any fail whenever the meter reading becomes accessible.
Regarding the payment of security deposits by the consumers
To identify mobile tower connections as a new letter code "t" (small t) is prescribed with immediate effect.
The unit officers & billing agencies will take care for the amount adviced to be debited/credited through the input advice CB-4/CB-15 under transaction code "65" against the assessment of user charges, in respective consumer account.
Regarding the representation of exempted category consumer for the payment of consumer security deposit.
Instructions regarding meters faulty/stopped for better revenue generation
For strict compliance by all for " Tarrif for Supply of Electricity-2012"(JPR5-657)
SDO Codes used by the sub-divisions of Jhalawar Circle are treated deemed to be alloted.
Regarding payment of electricity bills of Govt. offices/departments being paid through e-payment,w.e.f.16.08.2012
Regarding monthly revenue collection goals decided at subdivision level for the year 2012-13
Regarding determined revenue recovery goals subdivision wise for the year 2012-13
Regarding the consumers having meters faulty/stopped for several months
Regarding wrong information send against MS-14
Directions regarding strictly following the order no. 1030 dated 18.05.11(JPD 6/337) and Unnecessary Consumption (Unit) Format MS-14
Consumers falling under the feeders of industrial areas have to be billed on monthly basis
Directions for meter reading for effectiveness.
Payment of interest on security (CSD & MSD) deposited by other than large industrial consumers.
Regarding not applicability of 10% exemption to the household village areas where there is non-interrupted power supply.
Regarding compliance of commercial order no. JPR5-643 for the reimbursement to the small & marginal farmers affected by Cold Waive & PALA
Regarding directions for the discount to consumer in case of meter is faulty/stopped under rules and regulations(TCOS) 2004 para 30(2).
Recover of old arrears from PDC consumers under EUDR Act and Land Revenue Act- and Incentive thereof.
Amendments in earlier order in connection with adjustment of realized amount of "Urban Cess" towards PSL energy bills.
Instructions for correct billing under "Tariff for Supply of Electricity-2011" for strict compliance in continuation of order no.JPD/CAO(ATR)/Rev./F.569/D.2494 dated 04/11/2011 (JPD 6/343)
Tarrif for supply of electricity-2011 has come in to force w.e.f 11-09-2011. Instructions for strict compliance .
Recovery under EUDR & LR Act.
To allow debit/credit of the amount assessed against the difference of minimum billing in respect of the agriculture (metered) consumers.
To stop the aforesaid practices forthwith and accept the payments of energy bills exceeding Rs. 20,000/- through crossed cheque /D.D./ pay orders only.
To implement the decision for energy billing existing code "R" may be used at the 5th place of six digit tariff code.
Instructions to implement the aforesaid order No. JPD/SE(Comml.) /C.1(f.4(236)pt.II/D.525 dt.12.5.11 (JPR-5-620) for amount of energy bills of small & marginal farmers affected by hailstorm reimbursed by state govt. for the billing monts of Dec.10 to March, 11
Regarding expeditious preparation of MIS 3.1 & 3.2
Detailed directives for recovery under EUDR & LR Act.
Payment of interest on security deposited by other than large industrial consumers
Orders extended to 30 June 2011 to make improvement in the revenue recovery
Orders to make improvement in the revenue recovery
Regarding agriculture consumers which are allowed to keep two motors in their well connections
Regarding reviewing the progress on various parameters (8 points), as conveyed vide no. JPD/CMD/TA/D. 893 dated 08.12.2010
Strict compliance regarding efficiency in the progress of recovery for the year 2010-11
Announcement of increase of "Urban Cess" in the budget of Rajasthan Govt.
Actions to be taken for clearance of PSL bills of municipal bodies up to 31.03.2010.
To implement decision for energy billing a new letter code "d" is hereby allotted to used at the 5th place of six digit tarrif code.
Order in accordance of order no. JPD/DCE(R.E.)/F.1201/D.609 dated 27/08/2010(REO-218)
To accept the valid bill's copy downloaded from the website of Nigam by AEN (O&M)
Guidelines for E- Payment
The local self govt. department,GOR vide its's order No. 1403 dated 06.07.2010 has authorized the Discoms to adjust the collection of "urban cess"
Isuance of notices in respect of the consumers, requiring to deposit additional security ,after annual review.
Payment of interest on security deposited by the consumers.
Order regarding commercial order no. JPR-601.
Office order.

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